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- Qualification

(1) outstanding academic performance, mentally & physically healthy, above 18 years with high-school graduation certificate. 

(2) the applicants who apply for undergraduate should obtain HSK 5 certificate or above (the new version); Students who haven’t obtained HSK 5 need to learn Chinese for one year.

(3) For the Chinese who have gotten foreign citizenship, our university will  implement No. 83 Document of Ministry of education for foreigners (2009 )

Application materials

(1) "APPLICATION FORM FOR FOREIGNERS WISHING TO STUDY AT YNAU " (online and print theaddress:http://gjxy.ynau.sypole.com/en/index/lists/catid/22.html);

(2) High school diploma and high school transcript (original or notarized copy);

* Note: In the territory of Chinese ordinary high school students are required to provide the graduation certificate with department of education of the high school issued by the administrative in provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions). According to the "Interim Administrative Measures for the establishment of the children's School of foreign persons", the students of the school of foreign children who are approved by the Ministry of education shall provide the Chinese high school graduation certificate in the school.

(3) High school candidates shall submit the graduation certification issued by the school. After graduating from high school , please submit the original admission graduation certificate and turn in the copy;

(4) The application who apply for undergraduate shall offer the certification and credits of HSK 5 (including five) above (the new version) 

(5) Three recent photos without hat (2 inch); 

(6) A copy of passport (photo page, visa page or residence permit);

(7) College students, besides the above materials, also need to provide the transcript and on-campus certificate; if international students who are already in one of Chinese universities tend to transfer to our university, they shall provide a transfer certificate;

(8) Applicants below 18 before 1st September, 2015, shall provide a certificate of notarization in China (the guardian shall live in Kunming, the Chinese or foreigners who have economic origin); 

(9) For the Chinese getting citizen foreign citizenship satisfied the condition the regulations of Documents of Ministry of education for foreigners (2009 No. 83.), need to submit:

a. An application to the proof of citizenship;

b. The cancellation of the original China proof of residence; 

c. The last 4 years of the passport immigration signature page copy (the original reference); 

d. study experience abroad in recent 2 years study;

* Note: "in the last 4 years" refers to April 30, 2011 to April 30, 2015

Note: in addition to the original official documents (such as: high school diploma, HSK certificate), all the application materials will not be returned.

- Application Method

1. Register online and wait for our official check. Applicants can print “APPLICATION FORM FOR FOREIGNERS WISHING TO STUDY AT YAU”,Applicants can send all signed materials to International Students Affairs Office of YNAU..

(Registration website: http://gjxy.ynau.edu.cn/lxs   ).

2. Submission: 

(1) submit by yourself or entrust others to submit; 

(2) via post-office (mailing address see contact information)

- Recruit Results

International Students’ Affairs Office will moderate and make an admission or rejection in the system directly. the applicant can check the recruit result on the registration system online, the admissions office will not accept the inquiry about the results of the inquiry. "Admission notice" and the relevant visa application materials will be issued in the mid of June, please confirm your mailing address or receiving way clearly.

Note: Please carry your high-school diploma (original and copy) when you register at our university. 

- Registration time

September 2016 (Please see the specific time on the "Admission Notice")

- Scholarships

The applicants of undergraduate who have excellent transcript and HSK5 Certificate or above have the chance of winning the Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship of or Yunnan Agricultural University Scholarship.

Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship (http://gjxy.ynau.sypole.com/en/index/show/catid/11/id/29.html)

Yunnan Agricultural University Scholarship (http://gjxy.ynau.sypole.com/en/index/show/catid/11/id/30.html)

- Accommodation Reservation

Normally, International Student Affairs’ Office arrange the accommodation for international students according to the actual situation of the university. If companied with parents ,the students can book the International Institute of Tin Ka Ping Center. yniced@126.com(link)


- Contact us

International Student Affairs Office, International College, Yunnan Agricultural University

Telphone number: 86-871-65841246


Web site: http://gjxy.ynau.edu.cn/lxs