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申请人情况/Personal information

护照名Passport name: 护照号码Passport No:
姓 Family name: 名 Given name:
国籍 Nationality: 性别 Gender:
出生日期 Date of birth: 婚否 Marital status:
出生地点 Place of birth: 宗教信仰 Religion:
母语 Native language: 最后学历 Education level:
电话 Tel: 电子邮件 E-mail:
家庭住址、通讯地址 Permanent home address、Address for correspondence:

申请项目 Application

学习类别 Program: 申请专业 Field of study:
学习时间(自~ 至 ~) Duration of the study(From~ to ~):
(自~ 至 ~)

学习经历(从初中开始) Education background (Starting from middle school)

学校 Institution: 时间 Years attended (from/to):
主修专业 Fields of study: 所获证书 Certificates obtained/to obtain:
特长爱好 Special skills or interest:
获奖情况 Awards received:
曾发表的论文、著作 Academic papers and writings published:

本人最高学历毕业成绩 Courses and grades during high school graduation exam:

课程 Course: 成绩 Grade:

语言能力 Language proficiency (Excellent, Good, or Fair)

英语 English: 汉语 HSK:

亲属情况 Family members

姓名 Name: 年龄 Age:
职业 Occupation: 电话 电子邮件/Tel/E-mail:
父亲 Father: 母亲 Mother:
配偶 Spouse:

经济保证人情况 Financial sponsor

姓名 Name: 地址及电话号码 Address & Tel:
与申请人关系 Relationship with the applicant : 经费支持 Financial Support:

在华事务联系人或机构 Person for agency to act on your behalf in China: 派遣方或推荐人意见 Comments of Sponsor or Recommending part:

签名 Signature: 日期 Date:

申请人保证/I hereby affirm

1.上述情况真实无误。 I have reviewed the above information, and it is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

2.在中国学习期间遵守中国政府的法律和学校的规章制度。 In China I shall abide by the laws of the Chinese government and rules of the school.

申请人签字 Applicant’s signature: 日期 Date: