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Address Change

For those who rent apartments outside universities, if they change their address,they need to register on local police station first and inform International Students’ Affairs Office.


1.The validity of Visa and Residence Permit of international Students shall not be longer than their study length;

2.Transfer students who have Visa or Residence Permit issued by institutes in China shall provide their transfer documents or study certificate from previous university;

3.Students need to pay their tuition and insurance fee before they apply for visa extension and the validity;

4.Students who finish their study in China shall leave China before the due date of their visa or residence permit, or it shall be deemed as illegal residence;

5.Normally, our university won’t invite the students’ relatives to accompany their study;

6.The above regulations about Visa and Residence Permit will alter as government’s policies change, and our university will implement the latest policies in terms of Visa and Residence Permit affairs.  

7. International students need to pay attention to the validity of their passport, Visa and Residence Permit. Overdue visa and Residence Permit is illegal in China and the students need to pay fine.