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Application for Visa to China for the 1st time

International students who are about to study in China need to apply for a Student Visa at Chinese Embassy in your home country or your resident country. For international students, there are two types of Visas:

1.X1 Visa (for those who will study more than 180 days)

2.X2 Visa (for those who will study less than 180 days)

You are supposed to take the following documents:

1.Passport: with its validity more than 6 months, blank pages for visa;

2.Visa Application form and one photo;

3.Physical check form

4.Admission Notice from Chinese universities;

5.JW201 or JW202 Form

6.Other necessary materials.

     You can visit http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjb_663304/zwjg_665342/ for checking Chinese Embassy. 

1. Notice

1. X1 Visa usually allows only one-time entry and students shall apply for Residence Permit within 30days after entering China. 

2. The times of entry of X2 is usually written on it. Students shall remember the validity and leave China before the visa expires.

3. Entry from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be counted as one time entry. 

2. Your Schedule

Our university won’t arrange registration for international students who arrive ahead of time or those whose Visa or Residence Permit have already been invalid. Therefore, students shall arrange their schedule carefully to avoid the above inconvenient situations.

Furthermore, it usually takes 1 month to finish all registration process and take back passports. During this process, you can go to nowhere but stay in Kunming. 

3. If you refuse to study in our university, then you shall not use all the documents to apply for visa, since we will report to police office of all new students’ information. If you hold the Visa but do not come to our university, not only your visa will be canceled, but you will be punished.


Illegal residence, no matter caused by overdue visa or residence permit, will cost RMB 500/day to the violator and the students may be detached. 

3. Friendly Reminder

Make copies of all of your important documents

We suggest international students make copies of ID information, including your passport, visa, residence permit, admission notice, JW201 or 202 Form and residence registration. Sometimes, you can keep a scanned version of the above documents. 

Keep Contact with International Students’ Affairs Office

Contact us whenever you have problems concerning your passport or visa. Please do not completely trust your friends in other provinces or your classmates since policies in different places can be quite distinctive. You shall directly ask our staff and address the problems as soon as possible. Also, we suggest all international students keep our phone No. With you and you can be informed of all latest policies.