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Legal Residence


   Passport is the only legal ID of foreigners in china. International students need to hold a general passport to study in china.

   International students must carry their passports with carefulness, and the police will check them at any time. The passport is not allowed to be altered, defaced, or sealed. Lend or sell passports to others will be deemed as serious violation of laws. 

2. Visa

International students must hold General Passports and Student (X1  or X2) visa for entry. The period of stay for X1 visa is 30 days after the entry date, and students need to apply for residence permit before it expires, otherwise, it will be deemed as violation of laws. The period of stay for X2 visa will be marked on the visa, and if the visa expires, it will be deemed as illegal residence. 

Under normal circumstances, international students should not hold other types of visas. If students enter China with other types of visas for personal reasons, they should apply for Student Visa of Residence Permit for students after registration in schools.All the consequences caused by the failure of Student Visa application should be taken by students themselves.

 3. Residence Registration

International students need to register at local police station within 24 hours after entering China. And international students need to re-register again when the following information changes:

Your address;


Overdue Validity;


4. Residence Permit

The students who hold X1 Visa need to change the visa to Residence Permit within 30 days, or you will be deemed as illegal residence.

The students who hold X2 Visa don’t need to change to Residence Permit.